The Rules.


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    The Rules. Empty The Rules.

    Post  Honk.<3 on Sat Jul 11, 2009 2:14 pm

    On Forums

    1. No Swearing
    2. No Spamming unless the topic desires it
    3. No Linking to inapropiate sites (if people complain that makes the link inapropiate) under any circumstances
    4. No 18+ only things on the Site
    5. No disrespect to your peers
    6. No Chatting in applications, you are only allowed to say how good a player is and how nice a player is but no conforsations with players

    In Game
    7. No disrespect to anyone, even if meant as a joke
    8. No glitching.
    9. Refer to the Servers rules for the rest

    If You break ANY of these rules you will be warned and then kicked from the clan, I REPEAT 1 WARNING!


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