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    The Clan Its Background Empty The Clan Its Background

    Post  Honk.<3 on Sun Jul 12, 2009 5:34 am

    It all started back on the World.Gamers server around June/July 2009, where myself (Honk) met Virus we then discovered each other and go to know each other we have always considered starting a clan and now here it happens we have opened Between Heaven and Hell which is proudly led by Virus and I it is mainly a deathrun and bhop clan but when we get more well known we hope to expand the clan and make it into normal css, L4D etc.

    IVR formed many years back which was a very succesfull deathrun clan of which Virus was a main part being a CO. When it closed down earlier this year due to many other clans forming off of it Virus had said no to any other deathrun clans we then thought about it and we beleive that together we will become the best leet clan around.
    We are looking for about 10-12 very good members who are skilled in many ways.

    One day we are hoping to become like IVR and become as succesfull.
    Thank you for thaking the time to read this.
    Between Heaven and Hell staff.

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