Read this before applying.


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    Read this before applying. Empty Read this before applying.

    Post  Honk.<3 on Sat Jul 11, 2009 2:16 pm

    First stage:

    Before posting an apply, take in account to fill this small form and post it on a new topic.

    Steam user name:
    Steam ID:
    In game name:
    How long you have been playing deathrun?
    Skill level?
    How active are you?
    Can you bhop?
    Who referred you to the clan?
    Anyone you know from the clan?
    Why do you want join?

    Any applications not following this form will be deleted.

    Second Stage:

    If applicants get through to the second stage they will be spectated on our server by either the CL's or the CO's. The purpose of this stage is to determine your skill.

    Third stage:

    The third stage for some members but not all. It is a trial, they are permitted to use the tag but if they do they must have a [T] behind your name. The time of the trials varies, it is up to the CL's to determine when the person on trial is worthy.

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